12 things to do if you are in Bangkok

Thailand has an enormous number of beautiful places to visit and is certainly an amazing place. The article we have selected today is by Taylor’s Tracks - and has a list of 12 things to do if you are in Bangkok
“Bangkok is the mega city in the heart of Thailand that pulls in visitors from around the world with its many tastes and sites, colourful streets and golden temples.”
Visit Soi Cowboy A popular place for ‘eye-candy’ and more but made famous for the location where Hangover II was filmed
The Royal Elephant Museum A historical museum about elephants – housed on the former Royal Stables,  location:

Eat a Scorpion Well, you don’t need to – just take a photo for 10Baht….
Visit Lumpini Park In the heart of Bangkok and a place to escape and a whole lot more,  location:
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If you choose to visit Bangkok con…

Khao Lak - do, eat, visit, stay (2)

Cape+Kantary is a magazine that you will find in all the Cape and Kantary Properties. In every edition there is an ‘Insider Guide’ – what to do, where to eat, what to visit and where to stay.In this magazine - page85 - our writers visited Khao Lak  and stayed at Kantary Beach Hotel.

- Go surfing! Waves for this are most prevalent during the months of June through to September and favour the budding beginners.

- Had dinner at The Similan Restaurant, fine dining at it’s finest. 

- Sang Nae Canal, called ‘Little Amazon’ – and there the local animals (snakes and elephants are popular) and the enormous Banyan trees wait to be discovered. Here is some more information. - 
- Kantary Beach Hotel - relax in the natural surroundings with pristine beach and secluded woodland lagoons.
Photo courtesy of Instagram and khaolak_guru    
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Bangkok - what to do, eat, vist, stay

Cape+Kantary is a magazine that you will find in all the #CapeandKantaryProperties.

In every edition there is an ‘Insider Guide’ – what to do, where to eat, what to visit and where to stay.Here our writers visited Bangkok and stayed at Cape House Hotel
- Hazel’s Ice Cream Parlor and Fine Drinks - - a modern ice cream parlour with delicious ice cream and soda fountains and it is in a building with a historic printing press – retro! -

- Had something to eat at Mihara Tofuten. Visit here and we promise you that you will be amazed at the number of flavours that they prepare with Tofu! –

- The Museum of Everything. A treasure trove of vintage fashion and homeware and a cafĂ© – search for those collectables, second hand items, retro furnishings and a gizmo -

- Cape House Hotel- with so much around the vicinity you will find things to do inside and outside of the hotel.

Some temples to visit in Ayutthaya

Pinterestis a place to discover things to do in Thailand - here is a selection. - . 
Today’s post is by the Travelling Book Junkie - and is about some things that you can do if you visit Ayutthaya.   

Amongst many things that they suggest to do these are their choice of temples.
Wat Phra Sri Sanphet - and location:
Wat Phra Mahathat - and location:
Wat Ratchaburana - and location:
Wat Chai Wattanaram - and location:
For the rest of the list of things to do please read the original article.  
If you visit Ayutthaya please stay at Kantary HotelOR Classic Kameo Hotel

Free things to do in Bangkok

Thailand certainly is an amazing place and has an enormous number of beautiful places to visit. This we week we are sharing with you an article by Tripzilla - about 20 fun and free things to do in Bangkok. - 
“You can come to Bangkok broke and STILL have fun! Here are some FREE or cheap things to do in Bangkok!”
1: Spectate an exhilarating Muay Thai match at MBK Shopping Centre – (every Wednesday night, please check) this is not for everyone…

2: Get spooked with a visit to the Sathorn Unique Ghost Tower, if you dare…

3: Seek an escape to nature at Lumpini Park – an oasis in the heart of Bangkok -
4: Admire the crocodiles at Wat Chakrawat – yes crocodiles!!!! -
5: Soak up the culture blend at Chinatown – a wonderful mix of Chinese and Thai Culture -
To read the whole article and make a list please read here - https://www.tripzilla.c…

Ayutthaya - the Capital of Siam

Each week we post a link to an article in Bangkok 101 - and today we choose to share with you - an article within a bigger one about Ayutthaya. Original text by Bruce Scott.

Ayutthaya was the second capital of Thailand (when it was called Siam). But in 1767 the Burmese invaded and Ayutthaya was almost decimated and the royal line relocated to Bangkok. The Thai Fine Art Department began to restore Ayutthaya in 1969 and then UNESCO declared Ayutthaya a World Heritage Site.
For tourists to see them all in one day transport will be needed and for the famous sites there is a small entrance fee – most sites are open from 8am to 5pm. Here is aselectionfrom the list that they make for you;
Wat Phra Si Sanphet. This was the most respected and holiest temple in Ayutthaya.Here are more details - location:
Wat Phra Mahathat. This was one of the most impor…

10 best things that to do if you visit Bangkok

Today’s post is by Road Affair - - and is about the 10 best things that to do if you visit Bangkok -
“Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, is a feast for the senses. The smells, sounds and tastes you’ll come across will make you feel alive.”
1.   Eat some street food - there is certainly an abundance of that here!
2.   Go to the Cinema - this is quite a luxury and is not as expensive as some places, please remember it may be cold and to stand up when the National Anthem is played at the beginning
3.   Ride on the BTS – this will take you all over Bangkok and you don’t need the traffic – you might want to invest in a ‘Rabbit Card’.
4.   Get a Thai Massage – stay away from Patong for this, unless this is what you are looking for?

5.    Relax/Workout in Lumpini Park – wonderful early in the morning
6.   Have a Sunset Drink at a Sky Bar – there are a lot to choose from!

7.   Take a Boat Ride on the Chao Phraya River – ch…